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I don’t know how you stumbled across this site. I might have mentioned it to you or perhaps I’ve become somewhat of a legend in a country I’ve never heard of. One of those is doubtful so, I’M FAMOUS!

This site was originally intended to showcase my photography because I was turning pro. Well, then Katrina hit and blah blah blah I took a different path. So here’s the deal. I haven’t actively gone out and shot anything since Katrina. Call it photographer’s block. Partly, I started taking my photos too serious. I remember a time when I would take a shot of something no matter what lens or lighting condition was around. Now I find myself not taking shots because the light isn’t right or I’ve got the wrong lens with me, or no camera with me. I’m missing one hundred percent of those shots. What I’m getting at is that this is where I’m going to post my pictures and thoughts. I no longer care what people think about my work because I’m not out to impress anyone. I’ve ditched my artist statement and my new mantra is that I take pictures of things I find interesting. Leave a comment if you like something or just lurk